Fujitsu Services -
Operations Page

  • CLIENT: Fujitsu Services
  • YEAR: 2019
  • Project: Updated UI Page
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Framework: Bootstrap 4

Fujitsu is a leading global IT company that designs, build and operates IT systems and services for clients in both the public and private industries. SDC02, a data centre located in East London, is a 24/7 manned network centre complete with in-house engineers and responsive operations staff who ensure its day-to-day running.


Update an old and poorly designed operations link page, used daily by the different teams, to something faster, cleaner and more efficient.


The old user interface used by the operations team was a dull, basic, multi-page setup that had been poorly coded with out-of-date xml and was in dire need of an overhaul. Many links were broken or redundant, but the main problem was the inefficient multi-page setup - Users would click through many pages to find a specific link needed for the day-to-day work and then have to click back to the top layer in order to find another one. After a brief assessment we concluded that a new, single page built using Twitter Bootstrap with multiple drop-down menus would be much more efficient. Links would be updated and laid out in a much more straightforward manner, but still utilising the old page names so the operations team wouldn't have too much difficulty transitioning from the old system. Finally, an attractive image of the data centre, coupled with Fujitsu's own colour branding, completed the look of the page making it not only functional, but pleasing to the eye.


Albeit a quick project, from planning to deployment, the operations team at Fujitsu's SDC02 data centre were very appreciative of the new page setup. After discussing the page with the data centre manager, Peter Bowler, a few slight adjustments were made and the work completed. The operations team enjoyed the new easy-to-use layout and were especially pleased with the clearly laid out code, which could be easily edited by the in-house team should the need arise. Due to the success of the page, SiteJacket created a copy for another data centre, STE10, located in Stevanage, and populated that with their relevant links. All in all, a successful project backed up with frequent feedback allowing a quick turnaround for happy clients. Just the way we like it!

Peter Bowler
Data Centre Manager
Fujitsu Services - SDC02
"We are extremely pleased with the new Quick Links page set up for our operations team here at SDC02 by SiteJacket. Having everything all on one page that is easy to update when new things become relevant and old links fall out of date makes the operations staff much more effiicient in their roles which benefits the data centre massively. I'm very pleased that the project was completed quickly too, with constant and meaningful updates provided by SiteJacket. Thanks again!"